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Corrosion-Resistant Alloy

Alloy 59
Alloy C-22
equivalent to Hastelloy C22
Alloy C-276
equivalent to Hastelloy C276
Alloy B-2
equivalent to Hastelloy B2
Alloy 201
equivalent to Nickel 201
Alloy 400
equivalent to Monel 400
Alloy 20
equivalent to Carpenter 20Cb3
Alloy 825
equivalent to Incoloy 825

Heat-Resistant Alloy

Alloy 600
equivalent to Inconel 600
Alloy 601
equivalent to Inconel 601
Alloy 625
equivalent to Inconel 625
Alloy 800H/HT
equivalent to Incoloy 800H/HT
Alloy X
equivalent to Hastelloy X
Alloy 617
equivalent to Inconel 617




ASTM B265 Grade 2      

Duplex/Super Austenitic Stainless Steel

329J4L 254SMO NAS 185N NAS254N
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