Privacy Policy

Oishi High Alloy Materials (OHM), recognizes the importance of securing your confidential information.
OHM establishes the protocols to insure the security of such information.

  • OHM must aquire permission from its clients in order to receive confidential information, and must observe all applicable laws when handling such information.
  • OHM must take all necessary measures to prevent any leak, loss, defamation or illegal access of such confidential information.
  • OHM establishes it's own rules to protect confidential information properly, and improves them continuously.
  • OHM will confirm the identity of their clients before handling any requests for release, correction or deletion of any confidential information.
  • When OHM is required to disclose any confidential information to associated companies or clients, OHM must observe all applicable laws and it's own rules.

The purpose of handling confidential information

OHM handles confidential information for following purpose.

  • For guarantees and after-sales service to clients (including inquiries).
  • For record keeping on the processes of negotiations and facts.
  • To inform about products and service.
  • To analyze and search markets.
  • To study and develop products and service.
  • For the other processes that OHM must do for service.